Meet the Team

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  • 2007-now

    Stephan Dombaj Founder | Photographer

    Stephan studied media and communication-management. He has been working as a professional photographer and photo- journalist across Europe since 2007 for numerous fashion agencies, published for the dpa (German press agency) and countless fly fishing magazines. At the age of 18 he started as a fly fishing professional for the Loop Global Pro Team and has been closely engaged in the industry, influencing it in key aspects ever since. Marketing, Photography and Project Management are his main assets - Camp Management, Guiding and Scouting his passion.

  • 2007-now

    Paulo Hoffmann Head of Content | Photographer

    Paulo has been a part of Fly Fishing Nation from the very start and is responsible for significant a part of the pictorial work - in present and past. While being active as a photographer since 2007, publishing numerous articles in major print and online magazines world wide, Paulo also worked in-field on renowned fly fishing destinations as guide, photographer and instructor. Back in the office, he is head of Content for Fly Fishing Nation and works as freelance marketing advisor for various tackle shops in Europe. Despite his young age, he perfectly understands what the industry demands – commercially as well as sport-fishing-wise.

  • 2016-now

    Alexander Keus Destination Manager | Photographer

    Fairly new to the Fly Fishing Nation collective, Alexander’s additional skill set have made him an irreplaceable part of the team. Alex has his fly fishing roots in Germany and worked several years as a full-time guide and instructor after his universal career as a lecturer in communication and media science. Alongside numerous stage presentations he has published articles in most major European magazines and has co-written a best selling book about nymphing. Throughout the past years, he has travelled to numerous destinations around the globe, hosting fly fishing trips and extending his portfolio profoundly. Furthermore, he is head of shop and marketing for one of Europe’s largest fly fishing stores.