Portfolio Shooting - Los Roques (Venezuela)

Contrary to the popular belief, Venezuela’s hallowed archipelago, remains completely isolated from the civil unrest on the main land. Local entrepreneur, Felipe Reyes and his outfitting service, have an immaculate record of satisfied customers dating back almost 25 years now. To make a long story short: Los Roques‘ fisheries are still thriving. The Infrastructure is better than ever and the place hasn’t lost a bit of it’s appeal. That’s why it was an easy task to shoot and updated this Portfolio.

  • Client:

    Fly Fishing Los Roques

  • Budget:

    5000$ +

  • Likes:


  • Live Demo:


  • Date:

    März 26, 2015

  • Skills:
    • Marketing
    • Photography
    • Branding
    • Cross-Marketing