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...and what we do!

The Fly Fishing Nation was originally founded as a blog page and fly fishing fraternity in 2007 by Stephan Dombaj. Being an active photographer and photojournalist, he pretty soon gathered a young and wild crew around himself. The underground project created quite some momentum in it’s young life and evolved into a grass roots channel and voice of a young breed of flyfishermen around the globe. With over 32 Million active impressions per year and a demography of mainly 24-39 year old upcoming performers, Fly Fishing Nation reaches more people than most of central Europe’s Fishing Magazines together. Every cause needs a voice – and Fly Fishing Nation has the reach into a market that is yet untouched by most major brands in the industry..

Fly fishing nation offers highest quality image solutions for both viral and print marketing. We are a media conglomerate that consists of a selected number of fishing guides, professionals and industry experts with media and marketing background – in other words, we spend a lot of time in field… And most certainly, more time than most industry photographers on assignment. Being weathered out is not an option, we stay as long as it takes or pretty much as long as the season lasts. Why? Because we are there anyways! Thanks to our unparalleled stock of images, videos and media references, we run one of the most successful social media channels and reach more people than most of the magazines we write for… We are the logical answer to today’s questions of viral and print media marketing. Our material is field- tested on our channels. We do reach people on viral and print platforms as well as clients on the water – we are opinion leaders. We are a one stop shop with a flawless reputation, the credibility of guides, references in virtually most media channels, a network of guides, outfitters and locations that support our cause, the knowledge of marketing geeks and… We are looking for strong partners to sustain our level of media and to grow along with us…

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